We complete tax returns for all entities. Personal/sole proprietorship, partnerships, corporations, and trusts are our specialty. With the necessary documentation from our clients, we are able to provide top-tier tax return services that truly exhibit our expertise in the area. Our staff has thorough knowledge of the ins and outs of every possible tax return form that our clients might need and this knowledge is priceless. While we cannot guarantee a tax-free return, we like to believe we will provide our clients with the best opportunities at getting a refund.

With over 25 years of experience in the field, our firm has gained and continuously maintained more than the necessary knowledge required to properly plan your finances. We want to make your money work for you and are dedicated to ensuring that happens. Whether it be corporation set-up procedures, taking proper deductions, or making sense of the all the different forms and schedules you must fill out, we will help you through it all. It does not matter what type of occupation you have or what your corporation does. We strictly believe that we can help you prepare your financial life for the best outcome.

If you are interested in setting up a c-corporation, an s-corporation or even a limited liability company, we know what you need. We also set up sole proprietorships, partnerships, and trusts. Having helped our clients create multiple entities, we have the experience, know what forms you will need including articles of incorporation, and how to fill them out.

Audits are time consuming and pretty nerve-racking. Whether it is a sales tax audit, occupancy tax audit, or an IRS audit, we can help! We represent our clients in the few audits they receive and have been extremely successful in preventing them hassle and anxiety.

We will work with you to prepare renditions of the personal property taxes to submit to the appraisal districts.

We perform managements services for hotels and motels.This includes the daily cross-checking of night audit reports with the manager’s reports to ensure that all funds are appropriately accounted for, credit card deposits, ADR (average daily rate)’s, and other basic financial services.

‘Complete’ might sound a little vague, but we really do it all. Our bookkeeping services include balance sheets, profit and loss statements, a detailed general ledger, check disbursements, a detailed payroll journal, bank reconciliation, and much more. Given the proper information, we can turn your bank statements and payroll checks into beautiful tables and charts that really give you the information you need to improve your business.

We complete payroll services for motels, hotels, physicians, manufacturing companies, and more. Specializing in check writing for corporations up to fifty employees, we have become experts at this process and demand the highest level of punctuality from our work. We also perform direct deposits into employee’s accounts.

Coming every three months, these can be quite burdensome and difficult to maintain with all the other responsibilities you have. Let us help! We prepare and complete 941′s, state and federal unemployment returns, sales tax returns, and occupancy returns for our corporate clients. It does not matter what state you do business in; come to us and we will effectively reduce your stress and workload.

We complete W-2′s, W-3′s, and 1099′s. We also prepare W-4′s and 1096′s for our clients. If you have employees, you need to see us!